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Our hotel has stylish floors with different concepts.
You can stay comfortably in a spacious and clean space.
USJ's screaming with a sense of realism that can be heard from the window ~
The excitement and excitement never stops !!


Nearest station JR Yumesaki Line Sakurajima Station 5 minutes walk

​ Approximately 10 minutes on foot to USJ

(By train, Sakurajima Station → Universal City Station, about 2 minutes)

Approximately 15 minutes on foot to Kaiyukan + free ferry

【By car】​

The hotel does not have a parking lot.

We recommend the coin-operated parking that can be reserved immediately in front of the hotel. As it may be crowded depending on the parking time, Reservations can be made in advance on the Rizaper (app).

For details, please check the parking lot information below.


Please make a reservation for the parking lot in advance.

Sofa bed x 1-3

Double bed x 5-6

1 bathroom, 1 separate toilet

Gas stove


Tableware (cups, plates)

Cooking utensils (frying pan, pot)

45L​Trash​ (sorting)

​【Home appliances】


tv set



washing machine

Air conditioner


Vacuum cleaner

Hair dryer

​ Humidified air purifier


Face towel

Bath towel shampoo


Body Soap

Hand soap​

Tissue paper

Toilet Paper

​ Non-woven slippers

​ Hand disinfectant

* The number of sofa beds and double beds varies depending on the room.
​ * Face towels, bath towels, toothbrushes, and non-woven slippers will be provided for each person.
*The bathroom is equipped with a beauty shower head.
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