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​Osaka Bay Area For sightseeing and travel accommodation
Sakurajima Parkside House OSAKA-BAY

Extension until July 14th !!
This hotel is eligible for the Osaka Welcome Campaign 2022.
You can make a reservation here.

"Welcome to Osaka from all over Japan Campaign"
It is a great plan with discounts and coupons.
Please make a reservation for this opportunity! !
*​Welcome to Osaka from Japan Please be sure to check the official website before making a reservation.

"Welcome to Osaka Campaign 2022" official website

Please be sure to check before making a reservation.
It is a great plan with discounts and coupons depending on the amount of money you spend!

[Terms of use]
Those who live in Osaka, Shiga, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, or Wakayama prefectures
Those who have been vaccinated (3 times) or who have been confirmed to be negative by PCR test etc.

[Confirmation details at check-in]
Identity verification documents ・ Vaccination certificate, vaccination record or PCR test result notification ・ Participant consent form given at check-in

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